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Rosewell Shiatsu Centre

Welcome to Rosewell Shiatsu Centre's website

Enjoy shiatsu for yourself as a fantastic relaxation and reap the benefits of less stress in your life. Shiatsu can be for you to receive or you can learn to practise on others at the Rosewell Shiatsu Centre.  It is a system of gentle healing with many benefits. 

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Sue HixSue Hix is the founder of the centre. Sue's shiatsu knowledge is extensive on both theoretical and practical levels.
Her first shiatsu experiences were in the North East of England with Paul Lambeth who still practises as a macrobiotic counsellor and shiatsu practitioner. Shiatsu training led her to Switzerland where she worked with Saul Goodman from USA and Ray Ridolfi from London. The school in Switzerland is famous as a centre of macrobiotic learning, which fueled Sue's particular interest in the wider aspects of health fitting recommendations to individual needs.
In the late 90’s she began equine shiatsu with Pamela Hannay, since then there have been many influences on her work, most recently she worked closely with Michael Cullingworth who trained directly with Ryokyu Endo of Tao Shiatsu. Sue has studied Yoga, Tai Chi and associated pathways for over 25 years and specialises in teaching the practical side of energy perception.

Sue is a fully insured Shiatsu practitioner and trainer and is registered with the Equine Shiatsu Association & Independent Yoga Network.

Rosewell Centre is available for hire, contact Sue for details.

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