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Bespoke Marcobiotic Holiday Retreats

Rosewell Centre is now offering bespoke Marcobiotic Holiday Retreats. Enjoy a holiday stay in a cottage in the Lincolnshire country side, learning to live the marcobiotic lifestyle based on natural food and natural living.

We love cooking and growing our own fresh vegetables from the garden. We are interested in sustainable living and generate our own electricity.

Bespoke Macrobiotic holiday retreats are on a full basis only. This progam will be designed for you. Learn how to prepare a natural macrobiotic meal. You can  select from a range of therapies including :- Shiatsu, Yoga, Tai Chi , Qi Kung, Ginger compress or Equine Therapies with our horse. You can also choose to participate in the running of the small holding all at your own pace of  course.

This retreat is suitable for all people, vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant, coeliacs, macrobiotics or not. However it is especially catered for are people who want to detox, de-stress, relax or have ongoing health issues that need addressing. We have access to experienced macrobiotic counsellors if required.

Local activities in the area include:- horse riding, walking, golf, swimming, or visit the medieval town of Stamford, or the country estates of Grimsthorpe Castle near Little Bytham or Burghley House in Stamford.



Foot Massage - Hot bath and foot massage. Good for relieving and revitalising the feet, ankles and toes.


Ginger Compress - Hot towels soaked in ginger and water is placed on the lower back - the intense sensation of head in this area - relieves and revitalises the lower back and kidneys.


Sample Menu


Organic rice or organic porridge, with organic fruit, nuts and dillisk seaweed. Fresh eggs from our hens on home cooked bread or green leaves / miso soup. Selection of herbal teas.


Fish Soup or Miso Soup.  

Organic millet and  organic quinoa - organic aduki beans - with a selection of fresh vegetables from the garden depending what is in season e.g. kale, broccolli, sprouts, squash, beetroot - selection of out own chutneys and  pickles made from our own garden produce,  e.g. red cabbage.

Apple and blackberry crumble with non dairy cream and a selection of herbal teas.

Evening Tea

Sardines on toast or Polenta with fruit and nuts. Selection of herbal teas.

Prices - £500 per week per person.

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