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Qi Kung & Meditation

Qi Kung is energy exercise, traditionally practised alongside Tai Chi with an emphasis on personal strengthening and circulation of Ki. At Rosewell we practise Zhan Zhuang (Jam Jong) also referred to as “standing like a tree” to achieve a state of stillness which is alive.
A practise from Taoism called Hands of Light is also used to increase healing energy in the hands.   The practise of the Six Healing Sounds is frequently integrated into all classes with Sue as one of the most powerful set of exercises to clear the emotional body.   Other short exercises in Qi Kung are also called on when needed. Sue also practises a moving Qi Kung called Wild Goose Qi Gong

Download a summary of the 6 Healing Sounds meditation (opens in a new window).

Meditation practises are integrated into Yoga and Shiatsu and Tai Chi classes.
The mind is naturally in a state of thinking – that defines Man as unique.  Our difficulties come when we are unable to control our thoughts.  There are techniques which you can learn and practise to develop control over the mind and this economises your energy output.  The brain is a massive energy consumer when it is busy!!  To achieve noticeable benefits you need to practise regularly, like any other subject you may learn in your lifetime.
A simple Taoist Meditation is the Inner Smile, which involves a visual journey through your body with the energy of the smile – warm and radiant.  This brings about a sense of well being. Another form is Chakra Meditation from a yogic tradition using colours and shapes or sounds called mantras to energise one area of the body, cleansing through that increase in energy, just like a power wash. 

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1 hour
private Qi Kung / Meditation
tuition £30

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