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Yang style long form, Yang style sword form, Yang style sabre form and Yang style fan form are available for private tuition from beginner to advanced levels.  

Sue and a number of her students have been trained by Christopher Pei.

The annual Rosewell Tai Chi weekend event & camping runs during the summer, contact us for dates and to reserve your place.

Christopher PeiThe Ten Essences of Tai Chi
arranged by Christopher Pei
1. Lift the head to raise the spirit
2. Sink the shoulders and lower the elbows
3. Round the back to loosen the chest
4. Loosen the waist and the hips
5. Distinguish between the substantial and insubstantial
6. Co-ordinate the upper and lower body
7. Continuity without interruption
8. Unity of external structure with internal intent
9. Use mind not physical force
10. Seek stillness in motion and motion in stillness,

Gift vouchers
for private tuition
are available.


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