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Rosewell Shiatsu Centre

Course Content

The course content is designed to fulfil all the shiatsu requirements of the professional associations, but emphasises the quality of touch as the defining factor in competent Shiatsu.

At Rosewell we teach a Five Element Approach and a Zen Shiatsu style as being the two theoretical models of analysis. Subjects include the principles of Taoism, five element theory, locations of the 14 Classical meridians, techniques for working in prone supine side and sitting positions, Zen theory, Masunaga’s extended meridians, and a range of diagnostic strategies.

The course works on a pay as you go system with dates agreed with the current students according to their commitments.

There is a requirement for students to study Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Communication/Counselling Skills which is not delivered in course contact time.

Accreditation for prior learning is readily accepted or students can undertake a self study course as appropriate to their circumstances.



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