Dedicated to the promotion of health, well being and personal development

The Rosewell Centre

welcome to the Rosewell Centre, Lincolnshire

Dedicated to the promotion of health, well being and personal development

Welcome! You have reached The Rosewell Centre, a place giving you space to heal and elevate life, to celebrate health and well being from a holistic perspective.

We have been established here in south Lincolnshire since 1996, teaching and developing healing and health practices.

Here you will find access to shiatsu massage, yoga, Aerial yoga, meditation, breath work, Tai chi, Qi Gong, pilates, ocean therapy, beauty therapy, aromatherapy and workshops in the teaching kitchen to produce lacto fermented pickles, herbal elixirs and sourdough bread.

We can also arrange guided or foraging walks, visits to places of historical interest, taking care of your interests and requests.

For small exclusive groups we offer weekend stays, access to green countryside and delicious fresh food from our garden. All drinking water is reverse osmosis filtered. Special diets catered for. Well behaved dogs are welcome. We have good internet connection but discourage virtual working on your relaxing weekend with bountiful nature all around you.  We have under floor heating and ample windows for both light and air flow.

You can choose the elements of your stay or be guided by us.  You can bring your own small group for healing activities.  Accommodation is provided in house rooms, camping, caravan or local BnB depending on your budget and preferences.

Whatever you choose from our wide range of offerings, our aim is to help you feel healed, elevated and well.

Sue Hix Rosewell Centre
Sound Therapy Lincolnshire

Reconnect with your inner self

Well Being Therapies & Services

The Rosewell Centre brings together a partnership of professionals dedicated to the promotion of your health , your well being and your personal development.

shiatsu massage

Shiatsu Massage

Rebalance your body and mind with gentle pressure massage

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Flowing movements that relax the body and heighten awareness of your body and mind



We encourage a holistic approach to Yoga that increases awareness and sensitivity to energy

Ocean Therapy

Ocean Therapy

Vibrations from gongs shift mind and body to a deeply restorative state



Exercises to rebalance the body, build muscle strength, improve mobility and restore natural movement

Aroma therapy


Relax the mind. Alleviate aches and pains. Detox and improve immunity. Treat yourself

Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy

Holistic beauty therapies and treatments. Feel good inside and out

Wellbeing Retreats

Wellbeing Retreats

Truly unwind and reconnect in the South Lincolnshire countryside 

Lifestyle based on natural living

Well Being Retreats

Connect to innate wisdom in your retreat, dive deep inside your soul, process in a safe caring environment. Feeling roots in the earth and spread out into the tree of knowledge, flowering your consciousness into the new Age of transparency and accountability. Come of age into your true Divine selves.

It is a grand vision for a weekend stay in the country but perhaps that is what your heart yearns for; time to bring more meaning to Life and find fearless help to manifest dreams.

Activities include Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Aerial yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Cooking classes, Lacto Fermenting classes, Shiatsu or Aromatherapy Massage, Foraging Walks and Herbal Preparations, Beauty therapy, Gong Baths.

Your hosts are people with varied experience in the world who love to share and welcome others into their lives with warmth and friendliness.
Our rural venue has a variety of accommodation options to suit your budget. Rooms in the main house, rooms in the yoga dojo, caravan, tent or off site options.

Rosewell Wellbeing Retreats

Natural, creative & healing

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Our aim is to help you feel healed, elevated and well.


What our Customers Say

Kirstine - The Rosewell Centre

"Sue is committed to the well being of humanity and living proof of the benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Shiatsu.”

Jo - Yoga

"I find yin yoga is both energising and re-balancing. It is a great tonic to a busy day and I had the best night's sleep in years after one of Sue's sessions" 

Justin - Aromatherapy

“Aromatherapy massage helped me no end.  Thank you.” 

Michael - Caravan Stay

"Absolutely amazing! The photos don't do this place justice. The caravan is a standard 2 birth, nice and clean. You are surrounded by green land. It's feels so remote as you have your own land for the stay. Great place to have camp fires and kick back. The village is really nice! So many beautiful walks and animals to see. Great little pubs and village shop. Sue is a beam of sunshine and makes you feel welcome, then leaves you to it! Book this place, its rare!

Really loved my stay Sue, thank you!"

Raymond - Yoga

“I have been participating in Sue’s early morning yoga class for many years. It is very enjoyable as the routines vary with new poses and ideas, the most recent addition being aerial yoga.  The use of silk hammocks adds a new dimension to practice, challenging different muscles to traditional yoga postures.”

Vanessa - Ocean Therapy

“I had a lovely meditation with Sally’s Ocean Therapy Gong Bath, the sounds were very evocative.  I heard the waves on a beach and whales singing! All sounds were very relaxing and I felt 6 inches taller after. It was well worth the drive from Wiltshire!”

Elizabeth - Yoga

"Although I had attended regular yoga classes over the years, I hadn't heard of Yin Yoga before so I thought Id give it a try! Sue provided us with the most comfortable, resting environment in which to practice this type of yoga and I felt that her wonderful soft and gentle tone and approach to the class enhanced the whole experience for me. Sue has such a vast amount of knowledge and understanding which I found incredibly useful as we went through our positions and I enjoyed both challenging myself and the wonderful opportunity to relax and reflect.  As if this wasn't enough! after each session, I had exceptionally restful nights sleep.  I would highly recommend this type of yoga and Sue."