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bathe in the healing sounds and vibrations

Gong Bath Meditation

Enjoy bathing in the sound and vibration of gongs and reap the benefits of feeling calmer and lighter in your life.

The Rosewell Centre has teamed up with Sally Warr, a qualified and accredited gong sound practitioner and an integrative therapist.

This unique experience of relaxation and rejuvenation is practised as a group class or on a one to one basis at the Rosewell Centre. We also offer meditation retreats in the glorious South Lincolnshire countryside. Please check our timetable and events page for upcoming gong bath classes or contact us.

How can gong bath meditation help me?

What is Gong Bath Meditation?

Gong bath meditation is the vibration from gongs and other light instruments that help shift the body and mind to a deeply restorative state, enabling the release of spent emotion and leaving a state of calm lightness.

You may have heard of this termed ‘sound bath immersion’, ‘gong bath sound healing’, ‘gong bath sound meditation’ or simply ‘gong baths’ because participants are ‘bathed’ in the gong sound waves and an inner cleansing takes place.

The aim of gong bath meditation is often therapeutic, but its greater aim is awareness and non-judgmental appreciation of the present moment. To lift vibrations fully into fourth densities being grounded deeply in love and light.

Gong bath therapy has been used to manage a broad range of health conditions and treatments are based upon the understanding that all forms of matter – including cells in our body – vibrate at different frequencies. Factors such as anxiety, depression, stress and disease cause cells and organs within our bodies to vibrate at suboptimal frequencies.

In addition, some mindfulness meditation techniques also use sound as their focus as opposed to the breath or a physical sensation. Therefore, the awareness of sound is not used as a therapy, but rather as an anchor for the mind to come back to. Being mindful of sound, just like being mindful of breath, requires finding a contented balance between awareness and relaxation.

The gongs rich layer of overtones has a clearing effect on emotional issues which have been suppressed in the body and the sound vibrations can break up negative and limiting thought patterns.

The total experience can be viewed as a total retuning of your whole self. For many, relief is immediate and for others, it may take a few gong baths until a deep state of relaxation and balance is reached.

“To pierce the veil beyond our usual senses buddha quote “what we think we become””

What are the benefits of Gong Sound Baths?

Gong sound baths are considered one of the most restorative and healing meditations because of the profound state of relaxation that can be attained in response to the sound vibrations. Your whole physical body is bathed in sound and aches and pains often subside.

Sound bath meditation helps to reduce stress and release emotional blockages. Some vibrations are thought to promote healing and vitality and increase happiness.

Speak with our gong bath meditation therapist if you have a particular ailment you wish to focus on.

How can gong baths help me?

How is Gong Bath Meditation practiced?

An important point to emphasise is that you do not have to do anything except make yourself comfortable, let go and be open to receiving the sound vibrations of the gong.

You are asked to rest in a comfortable position, either on a mat on the floor or, in a chair if you prefer, and make yourself cosy with blankets and pillows if you wish (please bring these along). Then close your eyes and relax and Sally will guide you through the session.

The session will start by undertaking a breathing or visualisation meditation which helps participants to feel more relaxed.

Sally will bring in some soothing instrument sounds such as a singing bowl or wind chimes and then will slowly and lightly start to play the gong. The gong will be played very gently at first and as the gong bath meditation session progresses, the volume may gradually be increased, but not to uncomfortable levels. The gong sound is frequently changed to avoid producing a repetitive and fixed rhythm. Our gong sound therapist will sensitively and mindfully play the gong for about 45 minutes and end in a powerful 5 minutes silence. There is no script or musical score to follow. It is a totally organic experience in the moment and one of deep inner exploration.

During your first gong bath, your mind will likely be curious to all of the different sounds so it may take one or two more gong baths to completely let go and relax but you should start to benefit from it from the very beginning.

Is Gong Bath Meditation right for me?

Gong baths are inherently safe and relaxing, however, it is recommended that you do not have a gong bath if:

You have a pacemaker or other metal implant.
You suffer from sound induced epilepsy.
You have a severe mental health issue or suffer from serious heart conditions.
You are on heavy medication (need to be off any heavy medication for a least a year).
You are in the first trimester of pregnancy.
You are less than 13 years old.

Please do ask our us or your Gong Bath Instructor if in doubt.

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Upcoming Classes

Getting started with Gong Bath Sound Healing

You’ve taken the first steps by being here, thank you, now to express a new and vibrant future!

The Rosewell Centre has teamed up with Sally Warr to instruct gong bath therapy. Sally is a qualified and accredited gong sound practitioner and an integrative therapist and has provided gong sound meditation since 2017. Sally says:

Come and experience for yourself the deep resonant sounds of the gong and let go and just breathe”.

Gong bath meditation can be practised on a one to one basis or as a group class. We can also include gong bath therapy as part of a wellbeing retreat in the glorious South Lincolnshire countryside. Please check our timetable and events page for all upcoming classes.

Gong Bath Meditation Retreats

Connect to innate wisdom in your retreat, dive deep inside your soul, process in a safe caring environment. Feeling roots in the earth and spread out into the tree of knowledge, flowering your consciousness into the new Age of transparency and accountability. Come of age into your true Divine selves.

It is a grand vision for a weekend stay in the country but perhaps that is what your heart yearns for; time to bring more meaning to Life and find fearless help to manifest dreams.

Wellbeing Retreat

The Rosewell Centre

Meet the Gong Bath Team

The Rosewell Centre brings together a group of dedicated people, all with the aim of promoting your health, well being and personal development.



Sound Practitioner & WellBeing Therapist

Sally Warr is a fully qualified Sound Practitioner and a wellbeing therapist. She has been  providing sessions with gongs since 2017 and more recently has become qualified as a wellbeing counsellor and coach..

Sally’s life focus has been the natural world, adventure and diverse cultures, exploring  other ways of thinking and being in this world.

She was led to Canada in 1997 where she had the wonderful opportunity of undertaking a degree in Indigenous Studies for four years incorporating a 6-month study programme in Western Australia. These experiences opened her mind and heart to understanding the history of Indigenous peoples globally and varying worldviews and spiritual beliefs.

On returning to the UK Sally decided to undertake counselling training at Lincoln College and then a Master of Education in Counselling at the University of Cambridge. She has had her own private practice and been a gong practitioner since 2017.




What our Customers Say

Kirstine - The Rosewell Centre

"Sue is committed to the wellbeing of humanity and living proof of the benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Shiatsu.”

Jo - Yoga

"I find yin yoga is both energising and re-balancing. It is a great tonic to a busy day and I had the best night's sleep in years after one of Sue's sessions" 

Beth - 14 Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work Book by Sue Hix

Thank you for sending it out! A few of the people on my course have your book and it's really helpful and clear!

Justin - Aromatherapy

“Aromatherapy massage helped me no end.  Thank you.”

Hilary - Shiatsu

"I am so glad I have discovered Shiatsu massage after so many years. Shiatsu was a revelation unlike any massage I’ve ever experienced. Sue locates and works on particular areas of tension/stress - where pain gathers. The whole body shiatsu experience is intensely relaxing and therapeutic. I recommend thoroughly Shiatsu at the Rosewell Centre."

Viv - Time Out for Peace event


Thank you for such a special afternoon, it just seems this is how life should be all the time.
Came away feeling totally comfortable and relaxed.

Thank you.

Hil - Aromatherapy

"I have had many aromatherapy massages before but Rose’s is different in a most significant way - she has a deeper understanding of what you and your body needs and her tailored way of matching your needs is unique in my experience - a very gentle and therapeutic experience. I recommend it without reservation."

Raymond - Yoga

“I have been participating in Sue’s early morning yoga class for many years. It is very enjoyable as the routines vary with new poses and ideas, the most recent addition being aerial yoga.  The use of silk hammocks adds a new dimension to practice, challenging different muscles to traditional yoga postures.”

Vanessa - Gong Bath Meditation

“I had a lovely meditation with Sally’s Ocean Therapy Gong Bath, the sounds were very evocative.  I heard the waves on a beach and whales singing! All sounds were very relaxing and I felt 6 inches taller after. It was well worth the drive from Wiltshire!”

Elizabeth - Yoga

"Although I had attended regular yoga classes over the years, I hadn't heard of Yin Yoga before so I thought Id give it a try! Sue provided us with the most comfortable, resting environment in which to practice this type of yoga and I felt that her wonderful soft and gentle tone and approach to the class enhanced the whole experience for me. Sue has such a vast amount of knowledge and understanding which I found incredibly useful as we went through our positions and I enjoyed both challenging myself and the wonderful opportunity to relax and reflect.  As if this wasn't enough, after each session, I had an exceptionally restful nights' sleep!  I would highly recommend this type of yoga and Sue."

Caroline - 14 Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work Book by Sue Hix


"This is a fabulous book. Thank you so much."