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Treat yourself to Holistic Beauty

Looking good on the outside can often make us feel good on the inside. The Rosewell Centre has teamed up with Sarah Wilkins, a qualified holistic beauty therapist who has worked in the holistic beauty industry for over 25 years.

Sarah provides a wide range of beauty treatments and therapies, including hot stone massage, facials and pedicures and uses locally sourced, botanical and organic beauty products.

Holistic beauty treatments and therapies are practised on a one to one basis at the Rosewell Centre in Grantham. Appointments are available by contacting Sarah directly, you can email her at corbyglenrevive@gmail.com.

Holistic facial massage

What is Holistic Beauty?

Holistic beauty therapy is an all-embracing approach to treating the body, hair, skin, and nails for aesthetic enhancement. Unlike conventional beauty therapies and treatments, it works on achieving longer term results, rather than providing a temporary solution. Holistic beauty therapy services can include massage therapies, skin treatments, body wraps, hand and feet treatments and make-up services.

A holistic beauty therapist specialises in providing a range of services and treatments to clients to help improve and enhance their physical appearance, confidence and perspective on life. In addition to being skilled in providing beauty treatments, a holistic beauty therapist will have a deep sense of empathy, strong communication skills and will aim to help clients to regain their self-esteem and improve their wellbeing.

What is the difference between conventional beauty therapy and holistic beauty therapy?

Conventional beauty therapy may be somewhat superficial, it focuses on techniques and physiology with little focus on the client as a whole person and treatments tend to be product-led. On the other hand, holistic beauty therapy, is much more client focused and allows the holistic beauty therapist to look at the person as a whole and provide treatments,  therapy and advice that is right for the individual. There is greater awareness of how the inner body effects the outer body and holistic beauty therapy is becoming the preferred beauty treatment option for many people today.

How Does Holistic Beauty Therapy Work?

A holistic beauty therapist will take into consideration your physical health and emotional health and as an integrated whole, knowing that one can affect the other negatively or positively, to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment. For example, in a traditional beauty salon, a client who wants clearer facial skin may request a facial, receive it and be out in a flash. When visiting a holistic beauty salon, you will learn how your nutrition, stress levels and sleep pattern affect the health of your skin in addition to receiving a soothing facial treatment. This will help you to understand what adjustments you could make in your life so that you can maintain smooth, healthy skin in the years to come.

What are the benefits of Holistic Beauty Therapy?

Entrusting your aesthetic and skincare needs to a holistic beauty therapist will reap many benefits. Not only will you receive appropriate treatment from a qualified beauty therapist, you will get a beyond-superficial treatment and come out of your treatment feeling:

• Relaxed
• Beautiful
• Energised
• Less stressed
• An increased self-esteem and confidence
• More knowledgeable about your personal care.

Holistic beauty therapy
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Book your Holistic Beauty Treatment

Our qualified holistic beauty therapist, Sarah Watkins, will work with you to provide the optimum treatment or therapy tailored to your needs to achieve a healthier, more confident and happier you.

Holistic beauty is performed on a one to one basis. We can also include a holistic beauty treatment as part of a wellbeing retreat in the glorious South Lincolnshire countryside. Appointments are available by contacting Sarah directly, you can email her at corbyglenrevive@gmail.com.

Holistic Retreats

Connect to innate wisdom in your retreat, dive deep inside your soul, process in a safe caring environment. Feeling roots in the earth and spread out into the tree of knowledge, flowering your consciousness into the new Age of transparency and accountability. Come of age into your true Divine selves.

It is a grand vision for a weekend stay in the country but perhaps that is what your heart yearns for; time to bring more meaning to Life and find fearless help to manifest dreams.

Wellbeing Retreat

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Meet our Holistic Beauty Therapist

The Rosewell Centre brings together a group of dedicated people, all with the aim of promoting your health, wellbeing and personal development.



Holistic Beauty Therapist

Sarah Wilkins has worked in the holistic beauty industry for over 25 years with a wide range of treatments, including hot stone therapy with massage.  She chooses to use botanical products – a local supplier of organic body and skin care products based in Melton Mowbray, for facials and skin care treatments.

If you are interested in Sarah’s holistic beauty treatments and therapies, you may contact her direct at corbyglenrevive@gmail.com.


What our Customers Say

Kirstine - The Rosewell Centre

"Sue is committed to the wellbeing of humanity and living proof of the benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Shiatsu.”

Jo - Yoga

"I find yin yoga is both energising and re-balancing. It is a great tonic to a busy day and I had the best night's sleep in years after one of Sue's sessions" 

Beth - 14 Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work Book by Sue Hix

Thank you for sending it out! A few of the people on my course have your book and it's really helpful and clear!

Justin - Aromatherapy

“Aromatherapy massage helped me no end.  Thank you.”

Michael - Caravan Stay

"Absolutely amazing! The photos don't do this place justice. The caravan is a standard 2 birth, nice and clean. You are surrounded by green land. It feels so remote as you have your own land for the stay. Great place to have camp fires and kick back. The village is really nice! So many beautiful walks and animals to see. Great little pubs and village shop. Sue is a beam of sunshine and makes you feel welcome, then leaves you to it! Book this place, its rare!

Really loved my stay Sue, thank you!"

Raymond - Yoga

“I have been participating in Sue’s early morning yoga class for many years. It is very enjoyable as the routines vary with new poses and ideas, the most recent addition being aerial yoga.  The use of silk hammocks adds a new dimension to practice, challenging different muscles to traditional yoga postures.”

Viv - Time Out for Peace event


Thank you for such a special afternoon, it just seems this is how life should be all the time.
Came away feeling totally comfortable and relaxed.

Thank you.

Vanessa - Gong Bath Meditation

“I had a lovely meditation with Sally’s Ocean Therapy Gong Bath, the sounds were very evocative.  I heard the waves on a beach and whales singing! All sounds were very relaxing and I felt 6 inches taller after. It was well worth the drive from Wiltshire!”

Elizabeth - Yoga

"Although I had attended regular yoga classes over the years, I hadn't heard of Yin Yoga before so I thought Id give it a try! Sue provided us with the most comfortable, resting environment in which to practice this type of yoga and I felt that her wonderful soft and gentle tone and approach to the class enhanced the whole experience for me. Sue has such a vast amount of knowledge and understanding which I found incredibly useful as we went through our positions and I enjoyed both challenging myself and the wonderful opportunity to relax and reflect.  As if this wasn't enough, after each session, I had an exceptionally restful nights' sleep!  I would highly recommend this type of yoga and Sue."

Caroline - 14 Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work Book by Sue Hix


"This is a fabulous book. Thank you so much."