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Connect to innate wisdom in your retreat

Revive and Refresh in a Wellbeing Retreat

The Rosewell Centre offers you the space to step back from the busy pace of life most of us have these days, to truly switch off and to reconnect with yourself, nature and to experience a range of therapies, exercises and workshops that have the possibility to positively change your life.

The Rosewell Centre is located on the edge of Castle Bytham village, near Grantham, within the beautiful south Lincolnshire countryside. It provides safe and comfortable retreats every weekend between May and September.

We look forward to welcoming you to our special place of tranquillity, energy and renewal.

Yoga retreat in South Lincolnshire

What can I expect from a wellbeing retreat?

Time to Reflect, Restore and Renew

A wellbeing, or wellness, retreat can be life changing, it offers time for yourself to reconnect, to bring back the zest for life, and to gain clarity to make more meaningful decisions in life.

Traditional holidays only achieve short-term improvements in health and wellbeing, whereas going on, for example, a yoga holiday or meditation weekend retreat, can improve your mental wellbeing and physical health in the longer term.

The Rosewell Centre offers a range of holistic activities, therapies and services that can be incorporated into your retreat including:

  • Hatha yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Aerial yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Healthy food workshops
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Macrobiotic food
  • Vegan food
  • Foraging walks and elixir making workshops
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Gong bath meditation
  • Ginger compress making
  • Local sights and points of interest
  • Wellbeing coaching and counselling.

Away from your Home and Daily Routine

Retreats are often located in tranquil places, close to nature, offering you the perfect setting and space to forget about the hustle and bustle of life and to truly unwind. In addition, you may want to explore the different surroundings and experience different cultures offered by the retreat location and excursions can be offered in the wellness programme.

The Rosewell Centre is on the edge of Castle Bytham village with views over the South Lincolnshire countryside. We are within easy reach of the towns of Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and Oakham and the historical cities of Lincoln and Nottingham for added culture and amenities.

A Shift to a More Conscious, Healthier Way of Life

A holistic approach to retreats that combine healing therapies, meditation, yoga, healthy food and a calming environment tends to shift people towards a more conscious and healthier approach to life.

Following a wellness retreat, participants report they return to their demanding, busy lives with a sense of empowerment, renewal and clarity. The experience gained from their retreat helps them make more conscious decisions in life and learn to factor in healthy practices for overall wellbeing without the guilt of taking time out for themselves.

Take a wellbeing retreat in South Lincolnshire

 “No government knows any limits to its power except the endurance of the people.”

Bespoke Wellbeing Retreats in South Lincolnshire
Aromatherapy massage retreat in Grantham

Nature Allows you to Unwind

Human beings are part of natural ecosystems and we depend on them for our survival. Nature provides opportunities for both physical activity and stress recovery and one of the great advantages of going on a rural wellbeing retreat is that it offers you proximity to nature. This naturally allows you to reconnect with the healing elements of nature.

The Rosewell Centre sits in a two acre site with views across the rolling countryside. Surrounded by apple, plum, cherry, pear and walnut trees, as well as hazel, raspberry, blueberry and currant bushes, you will feel nature all around you, not to mention benefiting from the abundant and delicious fresh food it provides! Our vegetables are grown regeneratively and are used in our lacto-fermenting pickle workshops.

If you choose to camp, the camping field is away from buildings and has an earth toilet. An oak and silver birch grove provides a welcome area to sit, relax, contemplate or star gaze around a fire pit on those warm summer evenings. We also have a shaded area for outdoor exercise and yoga classes.

Access to Expert Advice

Retreats may include meditation, yoga, healing treatments or counselling sessions by professionals who support you to find balance and a sense of wellbeing. These sessions are personalised based on your needs and provide you with simple practices and tools to take home with you to integrate into your daily routine.

The Rosewell Centre has a team of experts with decades of experience teaching and developing holistic healing, wellness and health practices and who are happy to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to help you achieve your true divine self.

Unplug for Improved Decision Making

Digital stimulation can lead to poor decision-making and in an era of text, messaging, email, apps and social media, we often find ourselves doing several things at once. Constant multitasking and external stimulation has been found to increase stress and fight-or-flight hormones, which can overstimulate your brain resulting in mental fog and poor sleep patterns. Mindfulness through meditation is exactly the opposite, this is the act of dedicating time to your actions so you can make clearer, more conscious and therefore, better decisions. A weekend detox retreat truly allows you to unplug, unwind, connect with others and reclaim a zest for life!

Your Hosts and Accommodation

Your hosts are people with varied experience in the world who love to share and welcome others into their lives with warmth and friendliness.

The Rosewell Centre has a variety of accommodation options to suit your  budget and preferences. These may be rooms in the main house, accommodation in the yoga dojo, hiring a caravan, camping in the field or recommended off-site accommodation options.

Drinking water is reverse osmosis filtered and special diets can be catered for. You can even opt for an entirely macrobiotic retreat or vegan retreat.

We have good internet connection but discourage virtual working on your relaxing weekend so to make the most of your retreat.

Well behaved dogs are also welcome!

Retreats are available every weekend from May to September in small tailor-made groups. The Rosewell Centre looks forward to welcoming you to our place of tranquility and renewal!

Wellbeing holidays in South Lincolnshire

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Let us know what you want from your retreat or, if you’re unsure, we can help tailor a retreat that’s perfect for you.

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The Rosewell Centre

Meet our Wellbeing Retreat Coordinator

The Rosewell Centre brings together a group of dedicated people, all with the aim of promoting your health, wellbeing and personal development.



Founder and Director

Sue Hix founded The Rosewell Centre in 1996 as a place to celebrate health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective.  She has over 30 years experience of teaching healing and health practises and provides Shiatsu, Tai Chi and Yoga, as well as organising Rosewell Retreats.

In these times Sue is focusing on bringing inspiration, healing and connection, while respecting diversity of values and beliefs.  Solutions to well being that are low cost and user friendly which can be shared widely to democratise transcendence into new consciousness.  Key elements of focus are – regulating respiration to shift physical and psychological states, – teaching how the nervous system regulates the body – presenting learning about hormone drivers and the effect of foods or substances which change our feelings – bringing transformative music into the arena, which soothes the soul and opens us to the capacity for awe.


What our Customers Say

Kirstine - The Rosewell Centre

"Sue is committed to the wellbeing of humanity and living proof of the benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Shiatsu.”

Jo - Yoga

"I find yin yoga is both energising and re-balancing. It is a great tonic to a busy day and I had the best night's sleep in years after one of Sue's sessions" 

Beth - 14 Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work Book by Sue Hix

Thank you for sending it out! A few of the people on my course have your book and it's really helpful and clear!

Justin - Aromatherapy

“Aromatherapy massage helped me no end.  Thank you.”

Hilary - Shiatsu

"I am so glad I have discovered Shiatsu massage after so many years. Shiatsu was a revelation unlike any massage I’ve ever experienced. Sue locates and works on particular areas of tension/stress - where pain gathers. The whole body shiatsu experience is intensely relaxing and therapeutic. I recommend thoroughly Shiatsu at the Rosewell Centre."

Viv - Time Out for Peace event


Thank you for such a special afternoon, it just seems this is how life should be all the time.
Came away feeling totally comfortable and relaxed.

Thank you.

Hil - Aromatherapy

"I have had many aromatherapy massages before but Rose’s is different in a most significant way - she has a deeper understanding of what you and your body needs and her tailored way of matching your needs is unique in my experience - a very gentle and therapeutic experience. I recommend it without reservation."

Raymond - Yoga

“I have been participating in Sue’s early morning yoga class for many years. It is very enjoyable as the routines vary with new poses and ideas, the most recent addition being aerial yoga.  The use of silk hammocks adds a new dimension to practice, challenging different muscles to traditional yoga postures.”

Vanessa - Gong Bath Meditation

“I had a lovely meditation with Sally’s Ocean Therapy Gong Bath, the sounds were very evocative.  I heard the waves on a beach and whales singing! All sounds were very relaxing and I felt 6 inches taller after. It was well worth the drive from Wiltshire!”

Elizabeth - Yoga

"Although I had attended regular yoga classes over the years, I hadn't heard of Yin Yoga before so I thought Id give it a try! Sue provided us with the most comfortable, resting environment in which to practice this type of yoga and I felt that her wonderful soft and gentle tone and approach to the class enhanced the whole experience for me. Sue has such a vast amount of knowledge and understanding which I found incredibly useful as we went through our positions and I enjoyed both challenging myself and the wonderful opportunity to relax and reflect.  As if this wasn't enough, after each session, I had an exceptionally restful nights' sleep!  I would highly recommend this type of yoga and Sue."

Caroline - 14 Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work Book by Sue Hix


"This is a fabulous book. Thank you so much."