Welcome to the Rosewell Centre’s First Ever Blog Post!

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22 April 2022
The Rosewell Centre first ever blog post

We’d like to start off by providing a bit of information about wellbeing from a holistic perspective and how the industry, and indeed the Rosewell Centre, has grown and developed over recent years. Plus, share with our readers some exciting new plans we have for the Rosewell Centre over the next few months.

Has the health and wellbeing industry become more mainstream?

Fostering wellness and looking after our mental and physical wellbeing is universally accepted these days. There has been a marked rise in people accessing wellbeing and wellness services and the industry has become much more mainstream in the last decade. Perhaps this is not surprising; there are greater numbers of people experiencing workplace stress and juggling the needs of home and work life, there is increased mental health awareness, people are living longer and lifestyle-related diseases are all driving demand for wellness solutions. In addition, millennials’ preferences for experiences over ‘material things’, as well as post-pandemic readjustment, may also be key factors in increased interest. Based on these macro and micro trends, the health and wellbeing sector looks set for continued growth and development in popularity and adoption throughout 2022 and beyond.

How the Rosewell Centre has developed and grown

“The Rosewell Centre brings together a partnership of professionals dedicated to the promotion of your health, your wellbeing and your personal development.”

You may already know this, but the Rosewell Centre first came into being nearly three decades ago, long before wellness and holistic services became more mainstream! Started in 1996 by Sue Hix, the centre began by offering the holistic benefits of Shiatsu massage, teaching others the practise and developing a meridian chart book to complement the teaching. Later Sue went on to pioneer teaching in equine shiatsu producing another chart book, both of which are still in print and on sale. Early on Sue also began delivering weekly classes in yoga and tai chi. Pilates classes found their way into the programme at Rosewell about 20 years ago. Sue has gradually built up a larger and very successful wellbeing centre; teaching and developing holistic healing, retreats, wellness and health practices to the local community. Providing solutions to wellbeing that are value added, user friendly and sharable – democratising transcendence into new consciousness. Value is not always about the price tag hanging from an experience, it encompasses the whole deal – caring, communicating, following up and setting out again pointing in the right direction.

Sue’s aim has always been to provide a space that is welcoming, accessible and nourishing for all, she says ”the Rosewell Centre is a place that brings up a comforting feeling of returning home. Over time this has been enhanced by friends and colleagues sharing their unique skills and knowledge, strengthening the energy of the place and grounding the energy of enlightened evolution into the bricks and mortar.”

Today, this has expanded from yoga, tai chi and Pilates, to meditation class, aromatherapy massage and holistic beauty therapy. More recently we have welcomed a wellbeing counsellor and wellbeing coach into the fold. The result? The Rosewell Centre has developed to become the ‘home of wellbeing in South Lincolnshire‘ offering a one-stop-shop for wellness. Because of this unique dynamic, many of our customers access more than one service, many reporting that they really reap the benefits of broadening their holistic experience and abilities.

What’s new for wellbeing at the Rosewell Centre?

“The Rosewell Centre is all about celebrating health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective, taking time out to rejuvenate and restore, to heal and elevate life.”

Building on this organic growth, we have started to develop workshops and events where more than one host together offer a blend of expert skills.

These joint workshops or events aim to deliver synergies in teaching and mentoring to help bring about a heightened level of awareness and vibration that can deepen the experience for the participants. Having two or more holistic experts work together brings a blending of energies and provides a holding space that enhances a sense of achievement and broadens capacity to include a wider range of abilities. The added value is that participants can improve their mental wellbeing and physical health in the longer term to help create a shift to a more conscious and healthier way of life.

The broader approach to these combined healing, meditative, health or holistic therapies within a supportive and calming environment provides an open channel to access expert advice from a broader base. This tends to open participants to feeling better empowered to manage their lives with a sense of renewal and clarity. A collaboration session can support participants to more quickly find their own unique vibration and path to wellbeing. The experience gained from these joint initiatives helps participants learn how to factor in healthy practices into their day to day lives.

What’s coming up at the Rosewell Centre for spring/summer 2022?

“The Rosewell Centre has a team of experts with decades of experience teaching and developing holistic healing, wellness and health practices and who are happy to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to help others achieve their true divine selves.”

The Rosewell Centre has several exciting partnership events coming up this year. The first is our Time Out for Peace workshop, see https://rosewellcentre.co.uk/events/time-out-for-peace/. This is happening on Sunday 15 May between 2pm and 5pm and is run in partnership with Sue Hix and Sally Warr of Gong Bath Meditation (https://gongbathmeditation.co.uk/). The cost is £45.

Sally Warr is a qualified/accredited Gong Sound Practitioner and an integrative therapist and has provided gong sound meditations since 2017. Sue brings over 30 years’ experience teaching healing and health practises including shiatsu, tai chi and yoga, as well as inspiration, healing and connection, while respecting diversity of values and beliefs.

Participants will spend an early summer afternoon at the peaceful Rosewell Centre on the edge of Castle Bytham village with Sue and Sally sharing music, breath work and meditation to lift consciousness and build resilience to the fluctuations of the mind. The programme will follow:

  • Freestyle movement and percussion using Sally’s instruments.
  • Shake the body, stir the water, understanding the dynamics of release.
  • Explore the breath – practises to open the lungs, expand capacity and oxygenation.
  • Simple chanting – use of voice to vibrate cells and bring joy to the microbiome.
  • Meditation – focus on nature – set an intention, visualise yourself with goal completed, connect to source, ask for higher power to support the highest good, ask for all things past present and future that may block the highest good to be released and removed, express gratitude and enjoy the joy of completion, close with intent, letting go and knowing solutions are already on the way.
  • Passive relaxing with a sound bath to end the process.

In the summer we are going to be working with Ray Pawlett. Ray is a tai chi, martial arts and healing expert who is a UK tai chi champion and has published eight books. He is also one of a small number of fully qualified coaches for “Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessings”.

On 23 May 2022, we are running a joint session with Ray which will focus on tai chi and on 20 June 2022, we are making plans with Ray for Summer Solstice meditation, so be sure to watch this space for updates.

“Find your energy, frequency and vibration!”

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